Emergency Measures
Meeting in Nova Scotia
on Plutonium Transport
(before it was scrapped)


PO Box 824
Truro, N.S.
B2N 5C6
Northern Regional Office DOE
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Please treat as urgent:

The attached background and agenda are self explanatory. An information/training session will be conducted by Transport Canada at the Best Western Glengarry Convention Centre in Truro at 10 AM on Friday 23 April.

Attendance at this meeting is by invitation and is limited and will be extended to Fire Chiefs (or an appropriate alternate) and Emergency Measures Coordinators from Jurisdictions that include either the Trans Canada Highway or the CN Rail line between Halifax and the New Brunswick Border.

In view of the limited time available it is requested that EMCs pass this invitation to attend to the appropriate fire departments within their jurisdictions, (that is those that include the highway or rail line in their response area.) It would be appreciated if an indication of who will be attending could be advised to me by 21 April at the latest.

Please note that this meeting is not to be publicized.

Thanks & Regards

FROM: William A. (Bill) Weagle - Central Zone Controller - EMO Nova Scotia


The Canadian Government has offered to burn Plutonium in Canadian CANDU reactors as its contribution to nuclear disarmament.

Two samples of MOX Fuel (MOX stands for Mixed Oxides of Plutonium and Uranium) will be shipped to Chalk River, Ontario early this summer. One sample will come from the USA and will enter Canada in Southern Ontario. The other sample will come from Riussia by ship, and will enter Canada in Halifax and be moved by road to Chalk River, Ontario.

There was press coverage on National TV (CTV) a few weeks ago concerning these shipments, and Mayors of City [sic] considered as ports of entry were interviewed (including Halifax Mayor). There were also debate [sic] in the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly (reported in Daily News April 2, 1999) on this same subject.


The meeting has two objectives:

  1. Provide to Emergency Responders along the transportation route, Information on
    • Characteristics of the MOX fuel

    • Safety requirements for transportation of MOX

    • Emergency Response

    • Emergency Plans

  2. Provide a forum for Emergency Responders to discuss safety issues related to Transportation of MOX fuel with the Director General, Transportation of Dangerous Goods.


The intended agenda is attached.

We expect to bring mock-up of fuel, radiation detection equipment and sources.

Transport Canada will arrange and pay for the meeting room (25 capacity) at the Glengarry, and will provide Visual Aid, and coffee. We invited one from NB EMO and from Protection Civile du Quebec.

Parallex Test MOX Fuel Transportation
The Emergency Response Role
Friday April 23, 1999
Emergency Responders Meeting

  1. Brief Outline of the Parallex Project

  2. Transport Canada's Role

  3. Description of radioactive material

  4. Radioactive Materials Video Presentation

  5. Review of radiation detection equipment

  6. Description and visual presentation of MOX fuel bundle

  7. Overview of MOX fuel hazards

  8. ER [Emergency Response] requirements to be satisfied by AECL

  9. ER requirements to be satisfied by community ER

  10. Questions and discussion

    [ The Dangers of Encouraging Plutonium Use ]
    [ Bomb Makers Speak Out Against Plutonium ]

    [ Plutonium Sub-Directory ]
    [ Short Directory ] [ COMPLETE DIRECTORY ]


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