Canadian Coalition
for Nuclear

Regroupement pour
la surveillance
du nucléaire


A Discussion Guide


by Dr. Gordon Edwards et al.

prepared for and published by
The National Film Board of Canada

to accompany the film "Uranium"
directed by Magnus Isacsson

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L.1. Uranium Mining and the Environment

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L.2. Uranium Industry and Regulation

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L.3. Uranium Tailings

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L.4. Historical Background

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L.5. Health Hazards of Uranium Mining

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L.6. Health Hazards of Atomic Radiation

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L.7. Uranium and Nuclear Weapons

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L.8. The Nuclear Option

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L.9. Plutonium and High Level Nuclear Waste

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L.10. Non-Nuclear Energy Alternatives

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L.11. Uranium and Public Policy

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L.12. Uranium Mining & Aboriginal Land Title / Rights.

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