The Hard and Soft Energy Paths
-- according to Amory Lovins --

In his 1976 Foreign Affairs article entitled "Soft Energy Paths", and in his subsequent book of the same title, Amory Lovins (founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute) contrasted the "Hard Energy Path", as forecast at that time by most electrical utilities, and the "Soft Energy Path", as advocated by Lovins and other utility critics. Amory's ideas, which have stood the test of time very well, were initially greeted with incredulity by industrial experts in the energy field, who scorned his "Soft Energy Path" scenario as hopelessly unrealistic. Yet events have proven that Amory's forecasts were much closer to reality than those of his detractors.

These charts, taken from Amory's Foreign Affairs article, were cited by him in his 1989 Keynote Address entitled "The Negawatt Revolution", delivered at the 1989 Green Energy Conference in Montreal (organized by CCNR).

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