Dr. Theodore Taylor: Plutonium and the Bomb

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Ted Taylor is a physicist who spent part of his professional career designing nuclear weapons. He designed the smallest bombs in the US arsenal. In the early 1970s he began to speak out publicly about the dangers of nuclear power and plutonium production: "It's all too easy for a madman, a terrorist or a criminal to build his own atomic bomb," he said in 1972. "I've been worried about it ever since I made my first one." Dr. Taylor believes that the spread of nuclear power and the increasing production of plutonium is the world's number one problem, although it is not recognized as such. An excellent early book on Ted Taylor's life and the American plutonium stockpile is "The Curve of Binding Energy" by John McPhee.

photo by Robert Del Tredici from his book entitled
At Work In The Fields Of The Bomb (Harper and Row, 1987)

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