An Evaluation of AECL's

"Environmental Impact Statement
on the Concept for Disposal
of Canada's Nuclear Fuel Waste"
(AECL-10711, COG-93-1)

by the Scientific Review Group (SRG)

Advisory to the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Panel on:
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited's Concept
for Disposal of Canada's Nuclear Fuel Waste

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from the Executive Summary

Summary and Conclusions

The AECL postclosure reference case study raises problems. In addition to the fact that it is site specific and has not been demonstrated to be applicable to various other potential fuel waste repository sites in the Canadian Shield, there are problems with unclear objectives, with methods of analysis, and with the validity of the results of the postclosure reference case study itself.

The assessment is based on predictions from numerical models. The SRG notes with concern that reliance on SYVAC has inhibited the introduction or use of more modern and flexible software and up-to-date data and has, to a degree, undermined the effectiveness of the assessments.

The SRG concludes that the results of the postclosure performance assessment are not reliable because:

On the basis of these shortcomings, and its review of the detailed descriptions of the concept presented in the EIS and the supporting primary reference documents, the SRG disagrees with AECL's conclusion that:

"The methodology to evaluate the safety of a disposal system against established safety criteria, guidelines and standards has been developed and demonstrated to the extent reasonably achievable in a generic research program."
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