Why Nuclear Power
Can't Solve the  CO2 Problem

Keepin and Kats, of the Rocky Mountain Institute, have shown that each dollar invested in energy efficiency displaces approximately seven times as much in the way of greenhouse gas emissions than if the same dollar were invested in nuclear power. Thus, investing in nuclear power actually prevents us from solving the CO2 problem by squandering precious capital that could be used far more effectively to meet our energy needs while protecting the atmosphere. This chart is taken from Amory Lovin's Keynote Address, entitled "The Negawatt Revolution", delivered at the 1989 Green Energy Conference in Montreal (organized by CCNR). For a more complete description of the Keepin and Kats analysis, consult Amory's text.


Bill Keepin and Gregory Kats.
"Greenhouse Warming: comparative analysis
of nuclear and energy efficiency abatement strategies."
Energy Policy, vol. 16, no. 6 (December 1988).

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