Howard Morland: author of "How To Make an H-Bomb"

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When journalist Howard Morland wrote an article explaining how an "H-Bomb" is made, the US Government took him to court. The plates were seized to prevent publication, because US officials claimed American security would be jeopardized if classified details on such an explosive topic were revealed. But Morland won his case without even going to the Supreme Court by showing that all the vital information was available in the Encyclopedia Americana -- in an item written by Dr. Edward Teller, the "Father of the H-Bomb". This picture, taken on the steps of the Supreme Court, shows Morland holding a cut-away model of an H-bomb, with its plutonium trigger (the small black globe at the top). Morland believes that the only secret about nuclear weapons is that there are no secrets. He thinks it is a greater threat to global security to suppose there are secrets when there aren't, than to discuss how the bombs are actually made, because such false beliefs contribute to a false sense of security and an atmosphere of complacency.

photo by Robert Del Tredici from his book entitled
At Work In The Fields Of The Bomb (Harper and Row, 1987)

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